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Emerging second and third tier cities began to have a direct import business watch

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blog details: Emerging second and third tier cities began to have a direct import business watch Of course, we can also see another fact, more and more second and third tier cities have operating companies to enter the high-end Cartier love bracelet replica watch the circulation field, began to import high-end watches directly from abroad, and access to the rapid development of these areas in Liaoning, Hebei, Zhejiang and other representatives, the past two years, these provinces of high-end watch the sharp increase in the number of imports, the largest growth area of annual growth rate of more than 10 times the future, the emerging second and third tier cities will become the main market competition in China watch the main position. Chapter II China Watch Market Urban Development Index First, China’s high-end watch store distribution Fortune Quality Research Institute for 50 watch brands in China, the distribution of stores for statistical research, as of April 30, 2013, there are about 6693 watch stores in mainland China (including distributors, outlets, flagship Cartier love ring replica stores, boutique Stores and image stores), including outlets (including flagship stores, boutiques and image shops) of about 726, the dealer is about 5967, Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of the watch stores saturation Higher. To specific cities, Beijing to 627 watch stores in China’s cities watch the first few stores, followed by Shanghai, watch the number of 579 stores, although Shanghai is the major watch brands gathered in China’s headquarters , But in recent years, because the northerners of the strong consumption of the watch, Beijing has become the major brands in China, the expansion of the North focus, many flagship stores, image shops, service shops are built in Beijing to achieve radiation The entire North China and even the northeastern region of the watch sales. It is noteworthy that, Shenyang to 253 watch stores ranked third, fully embodies the Shenyang luxury consumer market, the degree of development, and the northeastern people on the high-end watch a soft spot for consumption. China’s watch market Urban Development Index is a comprehensive analysis of various factors of wealth derived from the Institute of Statistics, reflecting the state of the city watch the development of a comprehensive data, the basic data and the local consumption of the same watch. 1. watch the north-south differences in consumption Table 2-3 cities from the table can be seen, the consumption of high-end watch the North market was stronger than the South, which is mainly based on the following reasons: Comparisons of serious consumption of northerners, especially for expensive high-priced goods, the surrounding people’s consumption of its enormous influence. Northerners nature is more forthright than the South, its wealth and more from the mine energy, and wealth accumulation is relatively easy, so the perceptual consumption is obvious, often easy to spend big bucks. Beijing as a political and cultural center of China, especially developed gift market, which led directly to Beijing and the northern region of luxury consumption, especially as a gift of choice for luxury watches is much favored. Compared with the southern cities, the northern city has a wealth of commercial real estate projects, preferential investment conditions prompted a number of watch brands to accelerate the pace of expansion in the north, which Replica Cartier love bracelet directly contributed to the development of the northern watch market. There is a certain strength of the watches dealers concentrated in the northern city, the channel widened to promote the local high-end watch market development. 2. High-end watch the regional differences in consumption Because of China’s vast territory, the regional customer culture, economic development degree of different consumer behavior also has very big difference. To the northeast and north China as the representative of the wealth of high preference for high-priced and special materials, high-end watches, brand awareness demanding. Their favorite brands are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Omega and other brands, especially the Rolex watch very popular gold. They generally have a few pieces of your watch in particular, per capita has a larger number of watches.

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