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For the fashion circle, the annual nine, October and two or three months doomed to extraordinary

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blog details: For the fashion circle, the annual nine, October and two or three months doomed to extraordinary, in these two time periods have been held more than 300 high-level fashion show let these people in the fashion arena people In one after another show in the shuttle, never tired. In this lively degree as much as the Cartier love bracelet replica national holiday fashion event, the layman to watch the fun, expert line, Fashion Week is how the same thing you know how much? With the climax of the entry, we put aside the analysis of fashion trends, show style of the description, simply talk about the fashion week of those things. Tracing Fashion Week's past life In the movie "Coco Chanel", Coco sitting in Kang Peng Street, 31 stores in the colorful stairs above, look at a limb enchanting body along the mirror ladder slowly walked from the side, dressed in Ambilight costumes, Swaying, and then everyone began to applaud. The film in this scene beautiful people suffocating, but also reveals the clothing conference is from the beginning with the pioneering spirit of the era. As the fashion week of the birthplace of Paris, as early as 1910 began to set up fashion week, this flashy city has always been a dream of women gathered. At the end of the 19th century the establishment of the French Cartier love ring replica association, has been the Paris as the world's fashion capital to create a rock-solid as the highest purpose. Paris before 1943 has always been firmly occupied by the fashion industry all the monopoly, it exports to the world the best designers and occupy the dominant position of fashion magazines. Coco Chanel opened the first women's shop in Paris on May 21, 2012. Madeleine Vionnet founded his own fashion house in Paris in 1917 at Rue de Rivoli Street, while Elsa Schiaparelli was bold Design led the European fashion before World War II. These masters are all standing on the other side of the Champs Elysees, with their own aesthetic concepts, changing the world's clothing habits. However, the control of the Nazis so that this elegant capital is almost submerged in the smoke of war, once the prosperity of the fashion industry with the fall of the city with the stagnation, all fashion journalists have been shut out of the official. It is this era background, one of the founder of the American Fashion Association Eleanor Lambert initiation in New York to create a conference show ideas and named for the release week (Press Week), which is today's fashion industry spire For the fashion week of the prototype. The first New York Fashion Week show field has not yet a standard T-shaped stand, from 65 journalists around the world will be sitting full of Dangdang, the models are almost in the gap between the guests in the shuttle show. This move to re-open the door was closed by the war, people re-finishing clothes, a grand gathering. And New York's fashion style has finally been contempt for a long time after the official into the public vision, fashion Replica Cartier love bracelet magazines began to free up the position to the young apprentice show their own different from Paris fashion aesthetics. But nevertheless, after the war, Christian Dior's "NewLook" debut, immediately for the Paris to intensify to regain the lost ground. Unique fashion culture With the birth of Milan Fashion Week in 1958 and 1961 London Fashion Week have been born, now four fashion week has a unique personality and style. Spring and summer fashion week calendar September 6 - September 13 New York

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