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But also for those who do not know how to marry and distress TV drama in those classic love

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blog details: For your girlfriend type: If your girlfriend is like to stimulate, love adventure, good at exploring new things, then your proposal can not be too monotonous and traditional, must be surprising to be successful. Perfect location:fake van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet the airport, business places, schools, parks, crowded commercial street; In short, any place she can not expect to be. Kill the props: countless whimsy, only can not think of, no can not do, use their brains, as long as a perfect idea, give her full of surprises and surprises, no other foil, also the same horse to success. Golden time: best fake van cleef bracelet the most girlfriend unexpected time, this time can also create their own, for example, before the marriage stage, pretending to have a gap, or the performance of their indifference; when his girlfriend began to discuss with you about the relationship between the two When it is the best time to marry him. But remember not to be too enter, so that his girlfriend really think you no longer love her. If your girlfriend is sporty, you can use the opportunity to participate in extreme activities, to marry her. For example, you all like rock climbing, you can pre-climb in the rock above the wall, set up a must climb to the top to see the big sign, write on the above (the woman's name), marry me? Her strength can climb the rock, in the climb, deliberately let her lead,replica van cleef arpels bracelet until she went up to see the brand, and then holding the diamond ring to climb, standing at the highest point of the mountain to marry her. If you like the parachute, diving and other sports, the same can use the opportunity to propose marriage, but must ensure that the safety of the case. Use your girlfriend and the opportunity to fly with her to marry her, in a few thousand feet high altitude she must not refuse you. You can ask the captain through the radio call system to convey your marriage to the girlfriend around the plane when it comes to an important spot. cheap replica van cleef arpels alhambra ringWhen the captain announced: we are flying over the Pacific, and then nearly 40 minutes to reach the destination. At this moment, I have a question, copy van cleef arpels long necklacehope to be able to marry you in the Pacific Ocean, I wonder if he is fortunate enough to marry you as a wife. In full view, believe that she can only say that only three words of export; I would like to.

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