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Silver Rings do not shine how to clean silver rings mostly in 925 sterling silver

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blog details: 925 sterling silver actually refers to the silver Cartier love bracelet replica content of 92.5% silver products. Silver is an active metal that easily reacts with sulfur in the air to make the silver black. Make the ring not so bright before. S925 Silver Rings Cleaning Method: You can use the silver cloth to wipe the smooth surface of the silver ring, carved or irregular surface, you can use a soft toothbrush stained with a little toothpaste gently scrubbed, so that the foam attached to the silver jewelry on the contract A minute, then rinse with water, dry with a soft cloth, you will find its bright as new. Silver ring to black how to wash to clean? Silver ring black with chemical whitening method is relatively simple, the principle is through the chemical reduction reaction, the silver jewelry surface oxide film destroyed, with Coca-Cola soak, cola contains carbonic acid, soaking time of 12 hours. Or wipe with silver cloth, rub silver cloth above the chemical composition to remove silver oxide. Wash with silver blisters on one to two minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water, wash the silver water you can Taobao set sail network store to find a professional collection of supplies stores. A lot of patterns of silver ring how to clean the usual without time, sealed to save, can be used small plastic bag, isolated air to reduce the chance of oxidation, keep jewelry often new. On the smooth side of the jewelry, usually with a delicate paper towels or soft cloth to wipe, along the same Cartier love ring replica direction to gently wipe can avoid excessive slip marks. The right to clean the jewelry, according to the correct way to wear; wear bracelets should be from the side of the narrow side of the wrist into, and then around the wrist to the normal position, not hard to break, or may cause the bracelet face drop or bracelet itself deformation The Unmarried men’s gold ring generally wear in which hand With the development of the times, we often see no longer wear ladies, men began to wear rings, so men’s ring has gradually become a trend. Wearing a ring, there is a stress, then the men wear the ring is also pay attention to it? Yes, we all know that men’s wedding rings are worn on the left hand ring finger, then unmarried single men wearing a ring wearing a hand? In addition to the left hand ring finger, other fingers men’s single ring seems to be able to wear. Each finger is different, if it is a single man, usually worn in the right index finger, the other hand little finger, left hand little finger, left index finger wearing a ring can represent this man has not the main, you can pursue. If it is already the main but unmarried men, usually worn in the right hand ring finger, right middle finger or left middle finger. The ring is usually worn in which hand wearing a ring is stressful. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. International is more popular wearing law is: index finger – want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger – has been in love; ring finger – that has been engaged or married; little finger – that single. But in different places, wearing a ring of knowledge is not the same. Such as Italy, France and many other Europeans put the wedding ring on the left middle finger, because they believe that the human fingers, only the middle finger of the blood is the same to the heart, the Secretary for feelings, known as the heart. Wedding rings only wear in this finger can only “heart and mind.” The British wedding ring worn on the left hand of the ring Cartier nail bracelet replica finger, while the Polish “heart” is wearing a small finger on the left hand. Cartier rose gold ring price Cartier has “emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor” praise, Cartier ring price is certainly a lot of money. Cartier rose gold ring is its best-selling works in the world, over the years a variety of styles. Cartier rose gold ring, whether it is moral or style are impeccable, because Cartier’s brand effect, with the diamond price changes will change. Cartier rose gold ring how much money Cartier was praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, Cartier ring price is certainly a lot of money. Cartier LOVE ring is its best-selling works in the world, over the years a variety of styles. Cartier LOVE ring with 18k gold, rose gold and white gold material, as well as platinum material; the same time, Cartier LOVE ring with a wide and narrow version of the two; Cartier LOVE ring with no drill, with a drill, with three Diamond, inlaid with a number of drilling and other rings, so, according to different styles, different colors, whether with diamonds have different prices. Cartier rose bracelet how much money Cartier bracelet is divided into many styles, different styles of price will be different, then Cartier bracelet rose gold how much money In general, the bracelet is made of 18k gold material, the above will be inlaid with some precious stones, Many times are diamonds, plus some unique processing technology, making Cartier bracelet prices higher than the price of other brands, but consumers think that the price to buy the world’s top jewelry is worth it. Since the rose gold is k gold, the price is the same as k gold, the price of different regions, different businesses, different processes and different, and rose gold is generally sold by the process, that is, according to pieces to sell. Silver ring price silver ring is mostly 925 silver, because the hardness of 925 silver harder than enough silver, so that it has the ideal hardness, can be a better shape, inlaid with a variety of precious stones, to produce a variety of silver products. 925 silver is the international silver jewelry to do the international standard silver, so the silver jewelry on the market should be marked with silver abbreviation S (Sterling) mark, the standard silver mark “S925”, silver ring will be marked on the circle S925. Silver ring prices in the daily base price of silver, plus brand value, manual fees, design fees and other costs. At present, the silver ring prices generally in dozens, hundreds of months, the price is still very close to the people. Silver ring how much money a gram At present, the latest silver price of 3 yuan / gram, because the silver ring is finished, so its price to the base price of silver plus some fees. Why are the silver ring on the market now different prices? This is because the silver ring brand has many, and different brands, the process is different, the cost is different, so the price will be different. In addition, each brand has its own brand value, the greater the brand awareness, the higher the brand value, the higher the price of the product. Silver ring which brand of good silver is a comparison of civilian precious metal jewelry, but some of the big brands of silver price comparison is very expensive. Then the silver ring which brand is good, first for everyone to recommend is Tiffany, Tiffany is one of the world’s top ten luxury brands, is the first to launch the silver 925 decorations brand, and in China more famous silver ring brand Chow Tai Fook , Old Fengxiang and so on. Although the price of silver are more close to the people, but there are some big brands of silver prices are still more expensive, so Xiaobian not recommend you too much importance to the brand, the most suitable for their own.

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