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The most expensive diamond ring price

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blog details: The most expensive diamond ring price, the most expensive diamond ring how much money. Speaking of the most expensive diamond ring, we will be shocked, in the end how expensive it is expensive? We know the diamond ring, its price composition, mainly to see it 4C, and this 4C is just from the diamond itself, are the color, grams, clarity, cut, but a diamond ring may also need Taking into account the brand, style, design and other aspects. The world’s most expensive diamond ring is unable to match and imagine. Because for ordinary people, expensive, as long as beyond their own economic capacity is a kind of expensive, expensive is a border without the word. Diamond ring is a man to give women the most sincere commitment, but also the eternal commitment, so in the diamond ring, there is always a kind of material known as “priceless”, is any price can not match. The most expensive diamond ring how much money. Expensive things, can always cause everyone’s attention, then the world’s most expensive diamond ring how much money? October 2010, the US luxury jewelry brand Harry Winston auction a pink diamond ring, valued at 27 million US dollars, equivalent to 250 million yuan, known as the most Guinness. The diamond is 24.75 carats, the ring is a silver ring. See this, we certainly can not imagine, or even surprised. A diamond ring about 25 carats, how could there be such a high price? What is the value of a diamond ring? American Gem Association will be this pink diamonds into the “color pink” level, clarity is considered completely clean, with the perfect pink said. From this, the price of a diamond ring, not by the weight of the decision, but by the diamond ring fineness, clarity and cut the decision. The better the fineness, the higher the clarity, the higher the price of the diamond ring. We choose diamond ring, or should be based on their own, choose their own like. So recommend a few, the public can accept, the price is right, good diamond ring brand. Dai Mengde diamond ring price, how much money to wear a dream? Dai Mengde jewelry is the only brand of Chinese jewelry brand, is the China Gem Association awarded the Chinese jewelry quality well-known brands, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, its pure platinum by the National Nonferrous Metals Institute and National Jewelery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to provide quality inspection certificate, is the largest Chinese national jewelry brand. What about the price of the dream? Shopping, everyone wants to buy inexpensive items. And on the price of wearing a dream diamond ring, we all know the better quality of things, the more expensive the price. The quality of the diamond ring, we can judge from the diamond assessment standard 4C. 4C is the carat weight, color, clarity and cut. We usually buy 1 carat diamond ring, because 1 carat is equal to 100 points, that your love for her is hundred percent. Diamonds from colorless to yellow color changes, the closer the colorless diamond, the better the quality, the more expensive the price. The clarity of the diamond depends on its flaws, if we can see with the naked eye there are flaws, can imagine the quality is very poor, the price will be low. Cut depends on the proportion of diamond cutting is Cartier love bracelet replica appropriate, as well as the quality of polishing, faceted symmetry and so on. In fact, we can also judge the diamond light, that is, the better the reflected light, the better the cut. In summary, the color of the diamond ring closer to colorless, flawless, the better the reflected light, the more expensive the price. How much money is wrong How much money is wrong. Wearing a jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but the most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth. How much is it so much to wear a dream? We can take a look at what we buy when the price is. Question: how much money is it? Answer: Dai Mengde, I guess can sell a 4000-6000 block. Question: Dai Mengde drill quit do.070ct price inquiry, I bought more than 3500 is not too expensive? Answer: Inlaid Diamond Weight: 0.070 Carat, Color: I-color – yellowish white, Clarity: VVS grade – very slightly flawed. Material: Pt950 Platinum and palladium alloy, gold weight: 3.218 grams (minus the weight of diamond 0.017 grams). Diamond ring cost price: 2700 yuan, the general business retail price of 3700 yuan, wearing a dream is the famous diamond ring brand, 3,500 yuan price is not expensive. Hi diamond drill ring price, hi diamond drill ring how much money. Since the establishment of the diamond has been committed to the study of diamond culture and the traditional Chinese wedding culture combined with the significance of diamonds in China modern wedding culture play more and more important role, breaking the traditional Chinese wedding jewelry tradition of consciousness. What about the price of the diamond diamond ring? Hi diamond through the “hi” and “drill” with the East traditional festive civilization and Western diamond romantic emotional civilization blend and infiltration, creating a unique “hi drilling” civilization, classic fashion, fashion highlights classic, so that each diamond has Unique festive civilization and unique emotional meaning. It is understood that hi drilling is used in a form of online sales, a diamond ring pricing = bare diamond + ringing + fee, compared to the larger brand of traditional pricing = brand value + bare diamond + ring + + Store fees, save the cost of many aspects of the center, so the cost is low, the offer will naturally be much cheaper. This is the Cartier love ring replica electric business brand, Zuoqi jewelry in the network platform is also a relatively large electric business brand, we buy diamond ring, but also to Zuo Kayi look. How much is the diamond drill How much is the diamond drill. Since the advent of diamonds, it has been a luxury luxury jewelry this kind of appearance, although has been very popular with everyone’s favorite, but the price is not everyone can have expensive. Many people find that the price of diamond drilling diamond than some big brands to be much lower, have even lower than half, so how much money diamond diamond ring? [Stores] Shenzhen Hi drill down payment installments 0 hi Nvjie diamond wedding ring diamond ring refers to a bare carat white gold wedding ring jewelry genuine promotional price ¥ 5500.00 Four claw diamond ring price, four claws diamond ring how much money. In the many mosaic way, the longest history is the claw-inch way, claw set with its reliable appearance, mature technology is known, in a hundred years of history, this mosaic way has become a diamond ring style in the classic. Four claw diamond ring, that is, the use of four-jaw mosaic way diamond ring, is a kind of claw inlay. So how about the price of four claw diamond ring? Classic four claw mosaic, so that diamonds more glamorous overflow, both show the traditional classic taste, but also interpretation of the future of fashion, so that you stand out from the many eyes. And we know that the price of diamond ring is mainly determined by the weight of the diamond, clarity, cut and color to determine the four points constitute the diamond 4C, so understand the content, we can generally understand the diamond ring The price of the. Four claw jab how much money. How much do you buy the four-jaw diamond ring? Let’s take a look together. Question: tiffany co love four claw ring price? Answer: lz also asked the size of the clarity of the color requirements, cut the fluorescent Han, it would not have any problems, this is basically t home, but the size of the color clarity is very large difference, so please lz Express In addition, the purchase price is not the same, such as 1ct’s setting, the same size color clarity case, Hong Kong may sell 11-12w Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to less than 10w yuan, but the mainland probably over 10w yuan.

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