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What are the material of the replica ring?

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blog details: What are the materials? What kind of material is good? As a ring to ensure that the stability and safety of diamonds inlaid is the first, followed by the need to wear materials, wear-resistant, easy to plastic, to maintain luster and other characteristics, so the common ring can do the ring of precious metals 18k gold, platinum Pt), palladium (Pd). 【18k gold】 [Definition]: the gold is divided into 24, 24k gold is gold, 18k gold that gold Cartier love jewelry replica accounted for 75% (18/24 = 0.75), the remaining 25% for other precious metals pt, nickel, silver, palladium Wait Advantages: color optional, high hardness, inlaid diamond firm, cheap Disadvantages: and diamond value does not match, long-term wear gloss decline 【Platinum】 Definition: A natural white white precious metal, known as the king of precious metals. According to the national noble metal naming standards, only platinum can be called platinum. Platinum has not faded, easy to wear and other characteristics. Advantages: wear, long wear do not change color, and diamond luxury counterparts Disadvantages: hardness less than 18k gold, the color is not optional 【Palladium】 Definition: rare white precious metals, similar to platinum, with excellent characteristics, under normal conditions in the air will not oxidize and lose luster. Palladium as a rare metal, with its rare characteristics, good ductility, is not easy to oxidize the fading and other characteristics, often used as jewelry, but for the temporary or not recommended inlaid diamonds. What kind of material is good? Now the ring on the market more popular material is basically platinum and 18K gold, but platinum and 18K gold is the two different materials. Diamond ring with platinum or 18k gold good? K gold and platinum have their own characteristics: K Cartier love ring replica gold hard, warm color; platinum texture fine, color chill, a good sense of weight. As for the choice of platinum or K gold, according to their needs and preferences to determine the diamond ring material. How much do you want to change? Diamond ring for the price. Diamond ring wear for a long time, with the passage of time, the ring finger ring size may not be appropriate, and perhaps the diamond ring style look for a long time will be tired, want to give their diamond ring for a new shape, then you can Consider a ring for your diamond ring. So how much is the diamond ring? Now the market common ringing material: pt900 · pt950 · 18k. In fact, as long as the process is good, three kinds of stone inscriptions are very strong. But the price is much worse: pt950> pt900> 18k. Because platinum is more pure than 18k, rare, eternal. 950 is higher than 900 purity. The standard market price of 18K ring in 1500 or so, when the change will not damage the diamond. Diamond ring for the price. Diamond rings are now the most popular of the new affair. Some friends are like to buy the store ready-made design, and some like their own custom, this time, there is a jewelery service quietly rising – diamond ring for the ring. There are suitable for the ring to wear for a long time want to change the shape of the diamond ring, then you can consider for your diamond ring to change a ring, let it with a new image in front of you. Some diamonds and ringing are separated from the price, the ring and diamonds separated, you can follow your own preferences to choose, choose your favorite style of your diamond re-mosaic, so as to create the most suitable for your unique ring The You can also insist on the exclusive personality elements, you can want the text or symbols engraved on your custom ring, so that your ring is more unique, while Zouka can also help you customize the personality of the diamond ring Care, build your own diamond ring. You can also customize the personalized diamond ring set, to create your own diamond ring. The price, the photo and the style. Diamond ring shine and charm, not only by the pure white diamond, there are thousands of temptations to foil. The choice of ringing on the diamond set off a very important role, different ring offer is not the same, in addition to diamonds, the price of the diamond ring also affect the price, although the price is transparent, but there are many factors Affect your offer price. So how about the price? The price of the ring is not a matter of course, the price of the ring will be based on different factors to consider. First look at the diamond ring design, the conventional way to choose the tray design can make the diamond ringing look bigger, brighter, more beautiful, as long as not too fashionable or too fancy will not have outdated questions The It is important to note that the popular pawl, the four-jaw and the six-jaw, are often referred to as the Tiffany claw or crown. So you choose a different design, then it will naturally affect the diamond ring offer. Look at the choice of diamond ringing material, which on the diamond ring offer offer a very important impact. The material is 18k white gold, PT950, PT900. Of which 18k white gold cheap and hardness of the largest and most solid, the disadvantage is that wearing a year after Cartier bracelet replica 18k platinum will be slightly yellow. PT950 and PT900 are all platinum-based gold, and platinum for the best diamond inlaid with metal, that is, a strong hardness, but also to ensure that large particles of diamond firm. There is one thing that is often overlooked, that is, the mosaic of the ringing method. Such as six claws and four claw mosaic, as well as inlaid and card set, however, now most people will choose claw mosaic way, because this mosaic ring method is the most solid, the most solid. Ringing pictures and styles Ringing pictures and styles. Common diamond ring style is as follows: Intense: is a more way to protect the diamond itself inlay, now used for other mosaic methods combined with diamonds. Stick set: commonly used in a row of the same size of the same diamond diamonds, very suitable for elegant classic mature women. Wall inlay: more fashionable trendy mosaic way, simple and generous women are particularly suitable for such a design. Illusion Mosaic: This mosaic way will make the main drill look bigger and more charming. Is fashionable women want to try the style. At present, with slender metal claws, to seize the diamond pawl, is the most common and most popular Claw inlay: the classic claw fit for all women, the firmness of all rings is the most solid one.

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