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blog details: Abby motion universe THE AUDEMARS PIGUET SAVOIR FAIRE - senior jewelry Abby again this year present special senior jewelry watches, add a dazzling light for 2016 women's clothing series, at the same time show the Abby in this tough top clock domain widely agree with consummate skills. Abby is committed to create fine jewelry watches tradition is like a bridge, leading us through to 1883, the brand first began to write the s ladies' watches. The company set up only eight years later, the Audemars Piguet and its partners to begin manufacturing ladies' watches. Brand has a reputation for producing complex function is famous for its men's wrist watch machine core, but women's wrist watch is emphasized different imitation cartier love bracelet technology. The creation of space is very limited, assembly machine became a big challenge. Once across these technical barriers, jeweler, diamond and engraver can enjoy retouching wrist watch. In essence, the entire production process from 1883 up to now there is not much change. The creation of the high-end jewelry watches until today still complex, need a skill superior designers, stone setting, engraver and watchmaker to cooperate to complete. In Jurassic valley intoxicate scenery, nature became the protagonist of the these outstanding works. Since it was founded in 1875, Abby has been rooted in wire cloth he (Le Brassus) town. There was a thick pine forests, beautiful scenery, every table factory employees can feel the natural beauty of the subtle influence of brand creation. This year, the brand draw inspiration from the cosmic vastness, in 449 the auger adorn the latest masterpiece. This watch's charm lies in its through the application of asymmetric and symmetric line, clever fusion of new art tide free style and decorative art of geometric structure, having a unique Cartier love bracelet replica style. Its entire circular dial is made of white gold, soft foil shedding tears glistening stars, the sky background in work place on the fringes of the dial. To add movement, case more around dangling long step cut diamond hanging ornament, with swaying with the motion of the wearer. Compelling chain belt is composed of two set auger lace, reminiscent of the famous classical geometry Greek meander in history, a symbol of endless and unity. Lace in the form of cross symmetric run from the case to watch button, until the dial position separately, the symmetrical design of the end of the chain belt. And each link as if the roots, or the outline of the big dipper, overlap in dial sapphire crystal surface. Also different from the conventional and the size of the watch. For senior jewelry works, 28.5 mm is a considerable size, the wrist watch menus design is actually a modern independent woman. This gold watch configuration table factory homemade chain on the manual machine, to ensure Fake Cartier love bracelet that the hour and minute display accurate, women can through the beauty of decorated with hanging bottom lid of sapphire crystal, fine reward Abby proprietary 3091 manual chain movement. Abby table 2016 Christmas and New Year gift "Christmas", "New Year", the two dusty synonymous with the joy of a year, as the pace of time, once again came to the front of us. Senior Swiss tabulation brand (Abby Audemars Piguet) carefully selected the Audemars royal oak 41 mm automatic chain on wrist watches and women's clothing on the automatic chain, and Jules Abby Audemars watches and women's clothing series automatic chain series small second hand wrist, presented the honourable Christmas surprise, in the New Year for you is full of spring in the winter. Low-key luxury Wander round to present Audemars royal oak automatically on the watch chain, 41 mm large watchcase unique modern temperament. Subtle contrast resulting from the use of grinding and polishing of octagonal table, match with as platinum materials 8 pieces of hexagonal screw. 18 k rose gold replica Cartier love bracelet create integration design of casing with strap, strap link is fluent, merely to narrow the natural transition, reveal the unique aesthetic feeling when whole watches can also more show its noble temperament. Equipped with screw-plug crown, anti-dazzle light sapphire crystal surface and bottom cover. Delicate and dainty A warm heart Audemars royal oak ladies watch of wrist of automatic chain embodiment for small casing, specially designed for slender wrists, combine slim and elegant temperament and phenotype. Rose gold watch case is only 33 mm in diameter, unprecedented small size in this series. Bezel set with 32 the beauty of circular cutting, and rose gold crown, strap and buckle folding table in photograph reflect. At the same time with Abby new triple folding clasp system with double protection. Wrist watch every details as for your beloved she promise is exquisite and certainty. Concise and luxury, noble manner Abby Jules Audemars automatically on the watch chain, with date display and the second hand. Wrist watch line is concise and easy, watch case USES the classic round, beautiful table circle smooth shape, side is slightly assumes the circular arc shape. Wrist watch dial processing present the beauty of the wonderful Cartier nail bracelet replica artical excelling nature of the process, the adornment of the movement and dial are all show the brand concept of Abby pursuit of perfection. Pure beautiful, wonderful artical excelling nature Watch of wrist of Abby women's clothing series small second hand reflects the women's beautiful and pure. Bezel set with the beauty of lap, 18 k white gold case, white pearl mother of pearl dial bright rainbow, but the real craft treasures are contained within the crust movement of 3090. Movement through the manual assembly, decoration, exquisite craftsmanship and fine grinding Abby height of tabulation technology, outstanding style under the sapphire crystal transparent bottom cover.

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