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What Every Woman Should Know To Survive In A Male-Dominated Industry?

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blog details: Even as we zoom into 2017, there less number of women in some of the most respected workplaces of the highest organizations around the world. The worst part is that sometimes women can be mistaken for an assistant or any other supportive role in businesses.

Though the number of female hires has seen a tremendous climb over the last decade or so, the proverbial glass ceiling still looms over the head of women who deliver the best of results whether it is the latest tech startups or the most established engineering firms.

But instead of crying and bickering, the women of these workplaces still manage to get back on their feet and persevere. To further blur the lines or even shatter the glass ceiling once and for all, professional and aspiring women workers should keep the following points in mind.

1. Make Your Value Known

In the days gone by, it was tough for women to go out there and have their value known. The “old boys club” is still lurking around these days, making it all the more difficult for women to stand out. It can even get quite disturbing if one were to play by the men’s rules.

However, there are skills and traits that are lacking in men as well as the organization. These traits include empathy, listening, communication and multi-tasking among others. Some women may improvise in becoming manly but that should not force them to abandon their femininity.

2. Speak Up In Meetings

According to a 2014 Harvard Business Review study, women are less likely to speak up in a meeting than their male counterparts. In the same study, when the women did get the chance to speak up, they allowed themselves to be interrupted multiple times and apologized repeatedly.

It is only logical to look away from one who has nothing good to contribute to a conversation. In order to create interest in what you have to say, you must believe in it first. You must recognize the value of your opinion.

3. Communicate Effectively

If you are to speak up firmly in conversations, you have to have a firm grasp of your communicative skills. It is important to understand how men and women communicate so that women employees can work effectively between them. Getting to know both verbal and non-verbal communication is crucial.

Men are usually straightforward in their approach to getting their points across, whereas women are more reserved and will seek to try to reach their goals through empathy and trust. Understanding these traits will give anyone the advantage in any work environment.

4. Stay In Touch With The Coworkers

A friendly person and a professional networker are two different things. You’re not looking to make friends when it comes to dealing professionally at least not one who has similar interests like a favorite TV show or shoes and the like. You must focus on meeting people who are on the same career path as you.

Your relationships have to be strategic. It could be difficult in situations when men are invited to play golf to discuss things and you have no interest in the sport whatsoever. But the possibilities are endless, so you should practice on how you have to approach them.

5. Exude Assertiveness In Your Behavior

By far, one of the biggest challenges that women face at workplaces is the ability to say no. Some may call it stubbornness, but it is actually valor and courage to take up any challenge that is put in front of them, no matter how strenuous it may be.

By saying no, they may feel guilty. But saying no is not a sign of weakness, especially after you have already done so much to put on the table. Saying is taken as a sign of respect from your colleagues by realizing the true extent of your potential.

How does one say no? You have to identify what really matters in your life and focus on how you’re going to achieve it. Next thing is to make boundaries based on all those priorities, but you must also decide on whether you are going to make exceptions in situations that can benefit you. Also, learn to delegate.

6. Avoid Being Easily Offended

There are some males that tend to be very offensive by being sexist in their approach to their female work buddies. They will try to get under your skin, call you out for your weakness, but you are better than all of them and you must try to remain calm.

Sooner or later, justice will be delivered to those who went the wrong with you and you will become part of the big circle of the workplace.

7. Blow Your Trumpet

Many working women struggle to get the acknowledgment of their boss. Some of the responses delivered are “Oh, I guess I was just lucky”. But a boss knows better to promote someone who just happens to reside with luck instead of having faith in their own abilities.

Do not feel shy bragging about what you have accomplished, especially if it was all your effort that went into something.

About Writer: Jenifer Bolt works as a Pro Writer for www.mightyessays.couk. She specializes in the media business and enjoys writing about the corporate world. She is fond cooking and spends her free time making the delicious meals.


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