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transparent screen to ensure Cartier love ring replica timely in the sun can see

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blog details: Smart watches from the beginning to differentiate into mobile phone accessories and independent terminals, such as Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch, are part of the mobile phone accessories; and by the domestic manufacturers, Shenzhen Science and Technology R & D inWatch Z is the latter. Here and watch the home together to see this inWatch Z smart watch it! Smart phone watch inwatch z evaluation The so-called independent Cartier love bracelet replica terminal, that is basically do not need to rely on smart phones, will be able to complete all the functions of the terminal equipment. So inwatch is how to do this, let us first look at the official configuration of the information provided. inWatch Z uses the MediaTek Cortex-A7 architecture MT6572 dual-core processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz, and equipped with a Texas Instruments coprocessor. 1GB running memory, 8GB storage space, also supports microSIM card. In other words, inWatch Z and other smart watches the biggest difference is that inWatch Z can be used as a smart phone. Unfortunately, now inWatch Z only supports GSM 2G network, and no headphone interface is configured. Looking forward to its next generation of products can support 3G / 4G network, as for the headset interface, the solution is now using Bluetooth headset, inWatch Z support Bluetooth 4.0 technology. So we can see that in order to be an independent terminal, inWatch Z can plug in the SIM card, although only supports 2G network, but if you use the Bluetooth headset, you can put inWatch Z as a complete Android smartphone The Interestingly, inWatch Z's outer box is written on the GSM digital mobile phone. Of course, inWatch Z is used when the phone is used, you have to consider the Bluetooth headset's standby problem. Send text messages, then such a small screen, enter the Chinese characters is not convenient inWatch Z screen with semi-semi-reflective screen, sapphire material. 1.63 inches in size with a resolution of 240 * 240. The size of this screen and Samsung Gear Live the same, semi-semi-transparent screen to ensure Cartier love ring replica timely in the sun can see. The right side of the dial has a unique physical key: the power button, the top of the power button is a microphone. There is a circular bottom of the dial "return" button, the left side of the dial is microSIM card slot, need to use the needle to open. inWatch Z with steel shell, behind the dial is a ceramic process, and printed on the laser with this watch Logo, model, origin and serial number. inWatch Z battery capacity is 500 mAh, in actual use, we found that if you are a heavy user, then the battery can only support 1-2 days. If you are only used as a timing tool to use, then hold a 4-5 days is no problem. inWatch Z is charged with a microUSB charging clip in the inWatch Z strap, and then the microUSB line is inserted. When charging the screen has a graphical indication, charging time than ordinary Android smart phone charging time required to be shorter. As inWatch Z waterproof rating is IP57 (splash water), so the use of silicone strap, three fold. Above the strap there is a 5 million pixel camera, this is like Samsung Galaxy Gear design. The so-called splash water, that is, in the daily use of the process, rain, wash your hands or no problem, but you still do not wear to take a bath and swimming. This strap in the actual wear is still very beautiful, and very comfortable, there is no discomfort. Dial the atmosphere, or quite pull the wind. Those who saw me asked what form I wore. There is also a bone conduction speaker at the buckle of the strap, and the manual is said to press it in any flat object, such as box and desktop, etc., to amplify the sound and realize the hands-free function. The weight of inWatch Z is 98 grams, similar to Pebble Steel. But inWatch Z strap length is clearly more suitable for Chinese people. inWatch Z system is Android 4.2.2, its use and Android smart phone almost. While the screen and the icon is similar to the Apple iPod nano. Lock screen interface is the clock, you can freely choose the digital or pointer type, a variety of dial style optional. Sliding in four directions are fast to open the camera, SMS; two-dimensional code picture (replaceable) and enter the application interface. A screen that displays up to four icons, and the application that is not displayed in the primary menu is in a secondary menu called "All Applications". inWatch Z volume adjustment keys and camera keys are required to use the system to achieve. The menu of the volume adjustment keys can be used to slide the screen from bottom to top, including system volume, call volume and alarm volume. This menu also has playback Cartier nail bracelet replica control keys, as well as Android system "menu, return, Home" that three virtual keys. This menu is similar to the iOS 7 system. Use the finger to slide the screen from top to bottom to bring up the quick switch interface, including battery power, signal, date, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, data connection, brightness and interference mode. This menu is similar to the Android system. Since the inWatch Z has a built-in gyroscope and gravity sensor, the compass and pedometer functions can be realized. The pedometer function in the inWatch Z system now requires manual opening and closing, the number of steps, the distance, and the calories you burn. You can open the door in the morning, after the evening to see your day after the amount of exercise. Almost all commonly used Android phone applications, inWatch Z can be installed, such as microblogging, WeChat, Taobao, Lynx, Sina News, Tak Tak map, shrimp music, fast taxi and so on. But there are two issues: First, in such a small screen, the show is limited, two or input method. The inWatch Z application center already includes some frequently used applications, including calendars, calculators, clocks, emails, cameras, galleries, music, video players, tape recorders, to-do items, file management, settings, phone calls, contacts, Browser, compatible settings, voice assistant and so on. Its user interface and use the same way and the general Android phone, do not go into details here. inWatch Z can also be used as a multimedia player, and its supported formats include mp3, mp4 and other common multimedia formats, but you'd better have a Bluetooth speaker, because the inWatch Z putting effect can only be said to be general. In addition, the fun technology also provides a synchronization tool with the smart phone inClub, by logging in the inClub account, you can provide personal settings cloud storage, set up inwatch Z, the phone calls and messages sent to inWatch Z and other functions. InClub temporarily only Android version, can go to download the official website. Now the smart watch is still starting soon, the ecosystem chain is not perfect. From this point, the fun technology is walking in front of the industry. Android system which is now suitable for smart watch adaptation of the application is not much.

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