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in the watch quality weight camera and other Replica Cartier jewelry aspects of a major improvement

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blog details: SWISS MILITARY watch how? SWISS MILITARY ok? SWISS MILITARY Brand Introduction SWISS MILITARY Origin Swiss military trademark SWISS MILITARY, the Chinese name translated as "Swiss military table" (temporary translation), all models are Swiss original manufacturing, is the Swiss military designated watch brand. Its watches have been sold in as many as 40 countries worldwide, but there are more than 30 distribution points in Switzerland. SWISS MILITARY appears to meet the desire to watch the table, known for its ruggedness, full-featured and competent environment. SWISS MILITARY is the world famous brand of military products manufacturing, the company founded in 1884, since the beginning of 1891 to the Swiss national army to provide military use tool, in 1909 began to use a red shield with their own product brand, the same year, Karl Elsener's mother died, in order to commemorate his mother, he will "SWISS" named the brand. In 1921 in the brand name by adding "MILITARY" (French on behalf of stainless steel), from the brand name SWISS MILITARY ("SWISS" + "MILITARY"), since then, SWISS MILITARY in the Swiss watch industry known for innovation and smart. In fact, swiss military only military sponsors, but the military did not use swiss watches for military SWISS MILITARY development Until 1970, SWISS MILITARY has also insisted on creating a mechanical watch full of art, the Swiss watch for its quality and accurate well-known, and SWISS MILITARY as early as 1970 or so began to open up new markets, making a number of different Market demand table, and thus fame. At the same time, SWISS MILITARY is also the leader of the needle quartz watch, by virtue of this initiative, SWISS MILITARY to open up another brand new market. Swiss military applications 2007, SWISS MILITARY should be 007 producer Michael. Wilson's request to commemorate the "007 series of films" to watch the number of people exceeded 2 billion people, especially the introduction of 007 dedicated camera watch - "Swiss military" multi-purpose high-definition camera watches, and for the "black day crisis" film shot The As of 2011, SWISS MILITARY have launched the first generation of A, B, C, D couple and other camera watches. September 2011, SWISS MILITARY capture the first generation of camera watches some technical difficulties, in the watch quality, weight, camera and other Replica Cartier jewelry aspects of a major improvement, launched the "second generation of ultra-thin MP3 high-definition camera watch", this paragraph camera watch thickness For the 9MM, only one-half of the first generation of camera watches, the weight is reduced to one-third of the pixels reached an unprecedented 12 million high-definition pixels, twice the first generation of pixels, imaging results no less than one Taiwan digital camera, and the appearance of almost the same as ordinary watches, ultra-thin, high-definition, hidden new upgrade, and add the MP3 player, so that it can be better application and life, work! SWISS MILITARY watch how, User rating Comments 1: in the Swiss supermarkets have seen ordinary low-end table domestic fake, many goods from 600-2000 range Comments 2: I bought a has been with more than 3 years the situation is good to start the price is more than 2000 bar Comments three: should belong to the local small brand, quartz or mechanical, quartz is not worth buying, mechanical look at the movement and the price bar, and now many people like niche brands, such as the German niche brand Comments 4: This table is also OK I have had a brand of playing billiards when lost I think it is real thing on the line How is Raymond? What is the grade? Lei Mai brand profile Lei Mai (REIMAH) was founded in 2000, Shenzhen Jinding Table Co., Ltd.'s famous high-end watch brand. Shenzhen Jinding table industry to retail and retail market to occupy more than 3,000 marketing stores, and domestic retailers have long-term solid business cooperation in the industry enjoyed a high reputation of large-scale professional watch manufacturer, a member of the Guangdong Provincial Watch Association, Shenzhen City Watch Association member units. (REIMAH) has a strong design and development strength, in the use of high-tech new materials, selected movement, the traditional handicrafts, high-precision CNC machining have a professional and mature use of capacity. Lei Mai watch to the atmosphere, meticulous, unique style and widely loved by the world, Lei Mai attention to detail, the pursuit of quality and innovation, has been uphold the harmonious and innovative development concept, noble and excellent quality as the cornerstone of Lei Mai brand culture. Raymond (REIMAH) with its excellent quality and taste to create a timeless elegance of the United States, the achievements of extraordinary charm. Lei Mai (REIMAH) launched in 2011, "movement" series, become the domestic watch market, the most blinking bright spot. Unique music elements of the structure and elegant design, the new automatic mechanical watch, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass table mirror, single back through the hollow, so you feel elegant music in the watch between the wonderful heritage, reflecting the wearer of the quality and life of the times Perception, feel the melody in the notes and deep into the heart of the classical music atmosphere, so you experience the "temperament without publicity, the wrist between the natural show" pleasure. 2012 Lei Mai brand signing famous movie star - Paul Jianfeng as the image of the spokesperson, Lei Mai company for the spokesperson Qingli build "Ferris wheel" boutique series, a symbol of Bao Jianfeng adhere to the faith, the pursuit of excellence, innovation, Rayleigh watch series Movement series / witness 18K gold watch series / Ferris wheel series / wing · heart series How is Raymond watch? User rating Comments 1: In general, Rayleigh watch is not expensive, but there are a small part is not cheap, Lei Mai's reputation is good, I was also because it was good to hear it was bought, but I bought the piece It did not take long before, I did not feel good quality Comments 2: Rayleigh watches, the quality of the past, the movement more use of the Japanese movement, travel time accurate, in the domestic low-end brand is still a certain degree of visibility. Porsche and Lei Mai's grade and popularity is like a brother, the quality of the work is very close to the movement. Comments 3: I have always been with the table of mine. I sign this brand I have only bought a few, the style is not expensive and not expensive. Have not had a problem ... to buy it, give away the words will not Worse than the foreign brands Comments 4: Lei Mai is the domestic table, so cheap, is the domestic brand, the quality can be. If you are not the pursuit of luxury goods, feel that wearing a domestic table is also just fine, absolutely able to meet your. After all, others see your watch can not run in front of you grasp your hand to see what brand

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