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the case and strap are imitation Cartier love bracelet hardened with deep titanium carbide

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blog details: Casio watch OCW-G1000 Introduction Casio OCW-G1000 has GPS satellite signal reception and six innings to receive two different time correction mode, the global range, according to the location information automatically resolve the time zone, and determine whether the location of summer time, automatically show the right time! The watch you are not interested in it? Let the watch home to introduce it! Casio watch OCW-G1000 Introduction This OCW-G1000 bezel uses the OCEANUS BLUE, which is handled by IP, with a double-sided, non-reflective spherical sapphire glass, and the case and strap are imitation Cartier love bracelet hardened with deep titanium carbide and are resistant to abrasion and gloss outstanding. In addition, OCW-G1000 bezel diameter of only 43.0mm, provides a comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, in the design to reflect the concept of GPS, 12-point position of the reference GPS satellite shape for multi-faceted cutting, the second hand shape is around the earth rotating satellite design concept. In function, this OCW-G1000 can simultaneously display the time of the two cities, and with the solar cell can guarantee the stable operation of GPS signal reception function. In addition, the integrated antenna module and the corresponding metal shell of the circular polarization antenna, can achieve high sensitivity of the received signal. In addition, the watch also supports the pointer position automatic correction function, can detect and determine the second hand, minute hand and hour hand position, if the pointer deviation, will automatically correct to the correct position. It is reported that the Casio OCW-G1000 has been listed, with OCW-G1000-1A, OCW-G1000B-1A and OCW-G1000B-1A2 three models, priced at 14990 yuan, 16990 yuan and 16990 yuan. Casio watches and kings watch which is good? Casio and King watches which is good? Presumably this is the hearts of many people doubt. One as well-known Japanese watch brand, while the other is well-known watch brand. They are just between those who are a lot of people Replica Cartier jewelry want to know. The following watch home to tell you what the Casio watch and the king watch it! Casio watches, one of Japan's three major brands, known to the world. Casio company has always been a technology leader in the same peer responsibility, over the years there will be technological breakthroughs, high, refined, sharp combination of new technology and LCD technology, the appropriate use of wrist on the meter, and constantly improve the level of development on the wrist. Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. King table, as one of China's most valuable brand watches, in 1988, "King table" brand officially available. King of the company introduced the Swiss advanced equipment, with the company more than a senior designer sharp market tentacles and extraordinary creativity, combined with modern perfect tabulation process, design and production of numerous cost-effective, such as 18K gold series, all tungsten steel series, Series, all-steel series, multi-functional sports series, automatic mechanical series, fashion women's series, and other multi-watch series. Casio watches and kings watch which is good From the brand, the Casio watch better. Casio The Japanese have made it an international brand, the value of the international certainly higher than the king. And the quality of Casio watches is the king can not match the watch. From the watch rankings, Casio also better than the king table rank! Casio Casio GW-9300 clay figurines series six radio wave solar watch introduction Casio watch durable, resistant to drop, shock characteristics of the user received by users. And in the G-Shock series can better reflect. And today we will introduce you to the G-Shock Mudman clayman series. The series of watch design from the dirt dust splash off-road racing, but also with compression, water, sand, anti-mud, super resistant excellent performance, suitable for a variety of environments. Let the watch home to let you introduce it! Casio GW-9300 is a combination of high quality in the Casio Clover series, with the world's 6 standard standard radio (domestic can receive Shangqiu radio), can automatically receive the signal every day. Using solar drive, filled with normal can be used for 8 months, saving state available 24 months. A new generation of MUDMAN in addition to adhering to the G-SHOCK earthquake structure, but also joined the dust and mud structure and dual sensors. It can face the harsh environment of the various needs and challenges, even the high temperature and dust desert environment. Double icon window display, large icon indicates the direction, small icon shows the age image format. Measure the direction and save the data, even in the harsh desert, can also help the wearer to determine the direction. As well as the moon to determine the night trip. The individual structure of each key protects the outside of the key from any substance. In addition, GW-9300 carbon fiber into the rubber strap molding, the back of the use of transparent rubber, G-SHOCK strap to enhance the durability of the more solid. Table back can simply remove the strap, more convenient to clean such as dust and other accumulation of dirt. Other features, but also has a backlight, alarm, stopwatch, countdown, the whole point of time, the world time, automatic calendar, power saving features, 200 meters waterproof and other functions. Casio and Rossini watches which is good Casio and Rossini watches which is good for this problem, or more difficult to answer. Because Casio and Rossini's product style is completely different. Although they are watches, but indeed in two directions. Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. Will be high, refined, sharp technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist on the meter, continue to improve the level of development on the wrist time - Casio has always been advocated by the "wrist technology" spirit in China is also Be able to follow and spread. In the past three decades of development, Rossini in the "made Chinese watches, a world famous brand, do a hundred years old" strong faith to support, continue to do brand addition. With experience in the field of professional watchmaking technology and brand operation, it has formed unique advantages in R & D, channel, service and supplier cooperation, and has the advantages of personalized design, excellent quality and excellent performance. The market has a good brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, enjoy a high reputation, loved by hundreds of millions of consumers. Casio watches are characterized by fashion, rugged, powerful. Practical, and inexpensive, loved by young people. And Rossini watches are more mature and taste, so middle-aged people will be more like.

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