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This is the best magic weapon for every boy to capture the heart in the romantic Cartier love

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blog details: Diamond ring wear method: to marry a diamond ring to wear the most appropriate finger? Ready to enter the happy marriage hall of the young couple, if you want to be held before the wedding, for their own love to leave more memories of the words, then you may wish to plan a warm surprise ceremony it. This is the best magic weapon for every boy to capture the heart, in the romantic Cartier love bracelet replica ceremony, holding the blooming roses, holding a surprise selection of luxury wedding ring, with their own sincere feelings and life vows, to her the most Romantic proposal. But before the marriage proposal, the boys must be prepared, which also have a detailed understanding of the way to marry him. So what is the most suitable for marrying a diamond ring? Marriage diamond ring to wear the middle finger is the most appropriate Want to understand the correct way to marry a diamond ring, first of all you have to understand the implication of marry ring. In fact, marry ring and engagement diamond ring is essentially the same, they convey the meaning is the same, but before and after the marriage proposal, this diamond ring is different. When the boys before the marriage proposal, the purchase of this diamond ring is called marriage proposal ring, and if the marriage proposal is successful, girls also wear this diamond ring, that this diamond ring is called engagement ring. This diamond ring means that both sides already exist marriage relationship. We all know that domestic and foreign marriage custom, diamond ring wear has a very important significance and stress, especially the diamond ring wear different, the meaning of the delivery will be completely different. Usually the wedding ring is all worn on the left hand, whether it is marrying a diamond ring or a wedding Cartier love ring replica ring, should be worn on the left hand, because in the Western culture, the left hand is God's lucky hand, the diamond ring worn on this hand, Better to receive good luck. And the best way to wear wedding ring is the middle finger, because in the five fingers, the middle finger is a symbol of engagement, the meaning of marriage, when you wear this diamond ring in the middle finger, others will understand you wear this diamond ring meaning The Different fingers wear diamond ring meaning As we all know, the diamond ring wear needs to be very careful, but also a lot of stress, in the ring culture, different fingers wear diamond ring, it reflects and convey the meaning is completely different. Middle finger is engaged, the meaning of marriage, and the meaning of the meaning of marriage is not the meaning of marriage, relative to the middle finger, the meaning of the ring finger will be more profound, because the ring finger is the connection between the heart channel, wearing a diamond ring in this finger, more suitable for publication Some holy vows. Usually ring finger will stay in the wedding ceremony to wear diamond ring, so the meaning is more profound. And the index finger is usually not wearing a diamond ring, will only wear some pattern of the ring, because the finger does not have a special meaning, just to highlight their own personality. Often these above introductions, we believe that we have a full understanding of which finger to marry a diamond ring. Want to marry the success of the success of capturing love heart, in addition to marry in their own sincere, but also planning a warm and romantic ceremony to marry in the sweet atmosphere under the shadow of her promise to make a lifetime of oath. In the whole marriage ceremony, the most touching part of the boys than come up with a bright and kind-hearted marriage proposal, this diamond ring will be a witness to each other's love. But many boys in the purchase of marriage proposal, usually the most tangled is the price problem. So marry diamond ring to buy how appropriate? How to choose to marry a diamond ring? Seeking marriage diamond ring to buy Cartier nail bracelet replica how much fit - carat It is a lot of boys in the purchase of marrying diamond ring before the very distressing problem, although the size of the diamond ring and love has nothing to do, but who do not want to take a huge carat diamond ring to her to marry him? But because the diamond ring expensive expensive, so not everyone will buy luxury diamond ring to marry him. If your economic base allows, then buy a big diamond ring is also possible, this diamond ring in the future there will be a huge appreciation potential. And if your economic capacity in general, then there is no need to pursue the price of expensive diamond or not, as long as in accordance with their own economic conditions to buy, do not overdraft their own money to buy a luxury diamond ring, this will make you Back heavy debt pressure, while the diamond ring will lose its original meaning. Marriage diamond ring to buy how much fit - size A suitable marital ring, not only the size of the diamond carat is appropriate, but also contains the size of the diamond ring, imagine if you buy the marriage proposal diamond ring, when wearing too large or too small, are likely to make marriage ceremony There are a lot of embarrassment, and this time the girls will also have questions inside, whether you are more carefully prepared for the marriage proposal. So before preparing to marry, the boys can measure his finger size in a variety of ways, such as measuring the thickness of her fingers directly, or measuring the size of the inner diameter of the usual diamond ring, etc., through the above method can be fast The understanding of the size of the marital ring for her to wear. Seeking marriage diamond ring to buy how much fit - style Perfect marriage proposal ring need to have a lot of elements, which also includes the style of marriage proposal, different girls, she highlights the temperament is completely different, choose a suitable for her temperament Marriage diamond ring style is the best The In fact, the size of the marriage proposal is not important to marry him, it is important that you seek sincerity, and through the above description, we believe that for the marriage diamond ring to buy how appropriate, how to select the diamond ring and other issues have their own understanding.

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