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blog details: Chanel earrings what material Chanel earrings what material. Chanel earrings how the material like? Founder Gabrielle Chanel Chanel in 1913 in Paris, France founded Chanel brand. Chanel's wide range of products, clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, perfume, each product are well-known, especially her perfume and fashion. And Chanel earrings how? What is the material of Chanel earrings? Double C Logo, Camellia and Ling Replica Cartier jewelry check, strong CHANEL brand recognition, revolutionary design, the construction of the global women swept the Chanel Kingdom. CHANEL fusion of the girl's innocent charm, and a woman's mature charm, want to feel the immortal fashion mythology? May wish to pre-enter the beautiful world of CHANEL! CHANEL double C side earrings taste romantic Chanel style. Product specifications Brand: CHANEL Size: 0.8 × wide 0.8 × thickness 0.5 Color: green Material: Acrylic plus top grade metal Source: Italy Function: earrings (ear stylus) Brand Model: CHANEL-31783-G Packing: CHANEL original carton Features: square acrylic material inlaid with bright gold powder and gold double C LOGO. Exquisite love Chanel earrings how the material Chanel earrings how the material like? Chanel (CHANEL) is a full hundred years of history with a well-known brand, Chanel earrings under the Chanel brand classic ear jewelry. Chanel earrings take the high-end line, modeling design pursuit of fashion simple, simple and comfortable, pure style, "popular fleeting, style forever" is still behind the guiding power of the brand, Chanel earrings since the birth of widely acclaimed. So high evaluation of the material of Chanel earrings how? Double C in Chanel Chanel clothing buttons or leather parts of the buckle, you can easily find Coco Chanel Chanel's double C overlap design of the logo, which is to Chanel fans Chanel fans crazy "spirit Symbol ". And Chanel's earrings genuine material itself is other materials, not any precious metals. To the jewelry industry point of view, his material is false. Chanel earrings true and false, Chanel earrings true and false details of contrast. Chanel as an internationally renowned luxury brand, must be a lot of high imitation on the eye, and the market is also a lot of high imitation, for consumers, this will not be a good thing, because at any time to buy fake Possibly, so when we buy Chanel earrings, we must carefully observed. Taobao more than 1,000 Chanel earrings are genuine it Of course not should be high imitation. Chanel earrings this year, the cheapest 280 euers so be careful not to be fooled How to check Chanel is genuine? Sweep bar code Xiaobian to the following to Chanel earrings true and false details of the comparison, we hope to help. Tens of dollars, up to a few hundred dollars of Chanel jewelry imitation products, relative to the thousand dollars of the real thing, in fact, more cost-effective. However, under the guise of purchasing the goods, received your purchase of genuine goods, the results gave you cottage goods, it must not forgive! Recently, to meet such a sad reminder of things - sister to acquaintance in Hong Kong purchasing Chanel ear nails, in my careful identification had to doubt that this is fake! In order to have not bought authentic Chanel goods pro, do not be black heart Taobao sellers or acquaintances deceive, especially I bought the real incense and "purchasing" of the cottage goods for careful comparison. Not afraid of missing goods, afraid of goods than goods! The most out of the box forget to shoot, anyway, I bought the cross section, the purchase of goods is the vertical section, the clarity of the stickers are also different. This is the case, we see inside the contents of it See the above figure in the two, each kind of packaging is almost the same style, but the fine will find the difference. First look at the tag: the first photo tag, complete and clear! And this one of the tag? The upper right corner of the border is blurred and missing! Look at the label on the back of the contrast, Wow, two lines down a line ah! Tag look at the sponge. The The Sponge is not the same sprinkle! A bright flash, bumps obvious, a gray, small ups and downs. Did you find it? The details are the devil! Chanel Earrings Price. Chanel is well known as the famous French brand. "Popular fleeting, style forever" is its creative philosophy, Chanel perfume, fashion and jewelry known far and near, loved by the ladies. So, how much is the price of Chanel earrings? It goes without saying that the price of internationally renowned brands is certainly not cheap. Chanel earrings has always been to about 3,000 yuan as the reserve price, this expensive price, so many consumers discouraged. Chanel (Chanel) silver double C diamond inlaid pearl jewelry lady earrings Z2354 Chanel earrings picture. Classic double C logo concentrated the essence of the brand, the atmosphere simple, exquisite little pearl more prominent female charm, coupled with shiny zircon, the overall chic generous, whether it is with the class or leisure is a good choice. Chanel earrings style. The world's top luxury brand - CHANEL Chanel, Chanel's "double C" has become a fashion pride, but also the world's women want to have one of the brands. As the world's most famous brand, double C classic LOGO will always swept the fashion, never absent. ● product brand: Chanel Chanel ● Product size: width of 1cm; height of about 2.5cm [size take approximate] ● Material: zircon / alloy / pearl ● Product color: silver ● Product exterior: inlaid zircon double C pattern, white pearl pendant ● product accessories: original packaging, product cards Elegant shiny fashion earrings decorated in the ear can not only be a good set off personal temperament, more able to show the elegance of women's temperament.... Fashion earrings style is changing with the trend, but every fashion earrings are sure to be the most popular, we come together to enjoy the beautiful fashion earrings picture. Fashion earrings picture, no matter what clothes to wear, with the fashionable earrings can make the whole person more embellishment. Fashionable dress, exquisite makeup, can make you a new look, but a unique and elegant fashion earrings, but let you suddenly bright spots. Fashion earrings to meet the pursuit of female consumers to the United States, so fashion earrings has been one of the most popular jewelry. Fashion earrings is a new trend, fashionable earrings is to appreciate the personality, so difficult to light the hyun out of the stack of free mood, beautiful pose swing to see other people in the eyes of the match shy, jealousy, in the eyes of others, My heart gently dance, style circulation - this is the fashion earrings really my style.

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