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The benefits of Education Assessment methods

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blog details: A systematic process can greatly improve the overall performance and results of an education system. It also ensures whether the educational goals are met or not. These affect the decisions regarding different grades, advancements, he instructional processes, curriculum and placements as well. The assessment methods greatly impacts the overall productivity of the students. Therefore special attention needs to be taken when using different tool sand methods of assessment. Assess various skills at a time Students can benefit from a broader range of assessment methods. By choosing to use a range of methods we ensure that the students have more space and they can use more ideas to express themselves and demonstrate their skills, attributes and intellect. This can be of great advantage for the students as they may find it easy to use different assessments rather than being analyses on one particular assessment method. For example using tests, quiz, oral exams and presentations can help the students engage in different things and brain storm themselves along with achieving better results. Motivation and Enthusiasm There are certain assessments tools that motivate the students and boost their enthusiasm. Certain authentic methods of assessment use the real world skills and work practically. These can help motivate the students bringing out their enthusiasm and in turn gives better outcome rather than traditional methods like essays. This doesn’t mean that essays are not appropriate but other methods can be better. This can be done in much better way, as using the assessments methods like writing a grant application, a newspaper or magazine article, script for a short film or radio show. These method can help the students showcase their creativity and enhance their skills as well. Coping with larger class size There are teachers who access large number of diverse students all the time. This can be difficult in certain cases when the appropriate assessment tools are not used. There are assessment methods designed to cope with this scenario. The use of assessment methods like lab reports and prose can be resource intensive. There than comes the need of using other methods of assessments like making the students write an abstract for a journal paper. These 250-300 words are better than a report of 2000-3000 words. These engage the students in a better way and it can easily shed the assessing and marking load. This kind of method c=enables you to use your time elsewhere in a more efficient manner. Discouraging plagiarism Plagiarism is a big issue and it severally affects the overall results of any assessment. Different methods of assessments work in a different way to reduce plagiarism cases. The chances of plagiarism increase greatly when majority of the assignments are pushed towards the end of the year and there isn’t a regular flow of assessments and assignments throughout the course work. When the students are pressurized to multiple assignments, the cases of plagiarism increase greatly. Using a broader range of assessment methods throughout the year can help reduce this problem. This also includes making assessments more stimulating and authentic. Using different projects, presentations, and research based assignments can be a wise use in this regard. Author Bio: Gerald Bennet has been working in the training business for a long time and is a continuous essayist too. He additionally give Custom Essay Help to numerous understudies and in college moreover. You can likewise tail him on facebook and twitter.


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